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Best Artisan Pizza near Barclay-Kingston, Cherry Hill NJ

Best Artisan Pizza near Barclay-Kingston, Cherry Hill NJ

If you’re one of the many people who’ve grown tired of the uninspired and tasteless pizza served by many fast food establishments, you’ve come to the right place. At Criss Crust, we pride ourselves on producing the best artisan pizza near Barclay-Kingston, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, that patrons of all ages absolutely adore. This increasingly-appreciated type of pizza is one that prioritizes creativity, quality, and superior preparation techniques over the worn out approach of fast food chains.

Artisan pizza is masterfully crafted with complete attention to detail, using high-quality, locally acquired ingredients. Unlike the fast-food varieties, our Barclay-Kingston, Cherry Hill artisan pizzas are made with a proprietary dough blend that is hand-kneaded and allowed to rise slowly. This time and care enhances its flavor and texture for a wholly satisfying experience. The toppings are chosen for their freshness and quality, ranging from gourmet cheeses and heirloom vegetables to premium meats and exotic spices. Our pizzeria also uses a specialized 900 degree oven that generates a unique, smoky flavor and perfectly charred crust that is nearly impossible to achieve with standard commercial ovens. We know that our extensive customer base would agree that when you choose Criss Crust, you’re in for something truly extraordinary.

The 12-inch Margherita Pizza, the best artisan pizza near Barclay-Kingston, Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
The Hot Honey Pie with sauce bottle, one of our Barclay-Kingston, Cherry Hill artisan pizzas.

Artisan Pizza Near Me

When you explore our exceptional Barclay-Kingston, Cherry Hill artisan pizza menu, you'll quickly discover a variety of 12-inch masterpieces, each meticulously crafted with fresh, gourmet ingredients to offer wonderful experiences all around. We’ve aimed to make our menu a testament to the art of pizza making, with traditional methods meeting innovative flavor combinations. Among our offerings, you'll find some simpler, yet fully satisfying options that pay homage to the roots of Italian pizza culture. These include the Cheese, Margherita, and Tomato Pies.

Our Cheese Pizza features a generous layer of melty mozzarella atop our rich, flavorful sauce. It's a familiar favorite that never disappoints, appealing to a wide range of pizza lovers. The Margherita Pizza is another classic choice that perfectly balances the freshness of mozzarella with the vibrant taste of our specially prepared sauce, all enhanced by the presence of basil and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. This pizza is yet another tribute to purity and simplicity, allowing each high-quality ingredient to get its proper due. For those who appreciate the robust flavors of tomato, our Tomato Pie offers a unique experience. This pizza foregoes cheese, allowing the sauce to take center stage, complemented by garlic, oregano, and sea salt. A final drizzle of extra virgin olive oil completes this dish, creating an artisan pizza that's both rustic and remarkably flavorful.

The menu also extends beyond the traditional, focusing on creativity and culinary innovation for artisanal pizzas near Barclay-Kingston, Cherry Hill with unique and expansive flavor profiles. These selections are for those who crave something different that deftly merges the classics with exciting, contemporary ingredients. In many ways, each pizza represents our passion for exploring the virtually endless possibilities that pizza offers.

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One such example is the Buffalo Chicken Pie, where the zest of Buffalo chicken meets the tang of blue cheese, balanced by a crisp celery salad for a taste you won’t soon forget. Then we have the Bianca Pie which offers a slice of elegance with Prosciutto di Parma, arugula, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, crowned with Reggiano for an excellent finish. Another favorite is the Pineapple Express Pie, which combines the sweetness of grilled pineapple with the savory richness of pepperoni and sweet Italian sausage, all brought together by a unique Polynesian sauce.

On the more indulgent side, our Truffle Pie is a luxurious offering with truffle roasted mushrooms and caramelized onions, enhanced by the unmistakable aroma of truffle oil and the sharpness of Reggiano. The Sausage Pie celebrates classic Italian flavors with sweet Italian sausage, caramelized onions, and a touch of Pecorino, finished with extra virgin olive oil. Meanwhile, the Hot Honey Pie is an exciting mix of sweet and spicy, featuring a combination of mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, and the unique addition of hot honey, creating a Barclay-Kingston, Cherry Hill artisanal pizza that's both comforting and thrilling with every bite.

Our kitchen was thoughtfully set up to make certain that we can craft our gourmet pizzas swiftly without compromising on the quality or accuracy of each dish. We're delighted to cater to a variety of dining preferences and needs, offering a comfortable and attentive dine-in experience, as well as online ordering for pickup and local delivery. Additionally, as a proud member of Foodiehall, Criss Crust offers the ultimate convenience by allowing you to combine menu items from any partner restaurants into a unified, seamless order.

The Bianca Pie, an artisanal pizza near Barclay-Kingston, Cherry Hill, NJ.
The Pineapple Express Pie, one of our Barclay-Kingston, Cherry Hill gourmet pizzas.

Treat Yourself To a Delicious Artisanal Pizza near Barclay-Kingston, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

At Criss Crust, our passion for artisan pizza near Barclay-Kingston, Cherry Hill shines through in every aspect of our service, from our kitchen setup that ensures each pizza is made to perfection, to the diverse dining options we provide. Our menu, filled with gourmet artisanal pizzas, is designed to cater to all tastes, whether you're dining in, picking up, or enjoying local delivery service. We also take pride in being part of Foodiehall, allowing for a mix-and-match of menu items from partner restaurants. Our establishment also specializes in offering affordably-priced artisan pizza catering for local special events, providing an additional touch of excellence to your celebrations. For inquiries or additional information, don't hesitate to reach out by calling us at (856) 702-2815 or using the contact form on our website.

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